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    Best startups to watch in 2017

    Bengalurians consume 1 crore idlis a day. In that fact P C Musthafa sees a daily opportunity of Rs 3 crore (at Rs 3 an idli). That's what pushed the IIM-B graduate to start iD Fresh Foods with four of his cousins in 2006, delivering homemade batter in Bengaluru.

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    9 cutting-edge web design trends for 2018

    Is a digital medium, web design is far more subject to shifts in technology than its traditional print forbearers. But we’re now 18 years into the new millennium, so that’s no surprise, is it?

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    What is Internet of Things and why is it important?

    There are now about 4.6 billion connected devices excluding phones, tablets and laptops. A number that is expected to increase to 15.3 billion in the next five years according to the Ericsson Mobility report.

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